The Long Term Goal for this Project is not for personal gain but to provide employment. The income from these businesses will be put back into the community by providing loans to other Haitians to start their own businesses. We will provide free financial planning and money management and assist them in the business startup process. Our goal is to provide Self Help for the community.  

All the donations that we receive will be paid back into a savings account. That money will then be used to help finance other Haitians that are trying to start profitable businesses. The loans that they receive will be paid back into the same account along with their donations to hopefully build up to help more and more Haitians.



Example:                $4000 received in donations for D & T Cyber Café


                                                $4000 paid back over 16 months $250/monthly


                               $2000 received in donations for the next entrepreneur


                                                $2000 paid back over 12 months $166/monthly


                               $6000 in savings to help additional Haitians that are not able to receive donations.



This will continue as long as we keep receiving help and these businesses continue to grow and be successful.


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