Rain the HOPE for these Entrepreneurs

With your Help, these Entrepreneurs have a chance of financial stability. Your help will provide them an opportunity to own their own business, employee other Haitians, provide a stable income for their families, and give them the hope of a better life. Click here to read more about this program.

D & T Cyber Café is designed to provide internet service for local Haitians to come and enjoy social networking. The Café will also be available to students who need internet for school work and all who need internet access and the use of computers for personal and work purposes. We will provide adult and children movies on schedule days of the week. The Café will offer drinks and snacks for sale along with small merchandise items. We plan to have air condition units in the space to provide a comfortable environment for our customers.

Purchasing this 20 passanger Van will provide transportation to Haitians in the Port au Prince area. This will employee and produce sufficient income to provide more loans and opportunities.

Purchasing Motor Bikes will provide employement for Haitians and put money back into the community. The Motor Bikes are one of the main transportations in Haiti. They are used to transport people anywhere in the community. Due to the undeveloped roads, the motor bikes are a great means of transportation.



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