How Can you Get Involved?

Something as simple and easy as selling a bracelet, scheduling a guest speaker, or an hour of volunteer work can help save a life or put a child in school. We get so caught up in our busy schedules that we lose sight of our true purpose. Jesus taught us not to conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds through Him. Take a moment and look within yourself to see what your mind is conformed to....this world or Jesus?

Help Sell


The Haiti kids made bracelets for our school's basketball team. Each bracelet had the player's last name and jersey number on them. They also made bracelets personalized in the school's colors and school's logo. We were also able to sell bracelets that say "Haiti" and "I Love Jesus" at our local church. Since we started this project we have been able to put 6 kids in school. 

If you or your local school or church are interested in selling bracelets for these children, contact us for more information. 

We have also found small business that are willing to sell them for us. So if you own or work in a business that would entertain selling them, please contact us.

Volunteer Work​ for students

Some classes in High School required the students to perform a certain number of hours of volunteer work / community service (such as a Key Club). 

This is a great way for the students to obtain their requirements for the class/course and provide help for children their age that don't have the opportunity to go to school.

If you are interested in volunteering your child or would like to introduce our organization to your school for further volunteer work, please contact us.

Guest Speaker

We would love the opportunity to share details and information about our organization to your church, school, business, BNI groups, etc.

Our goal is to bring awareness as to how other parts of the world live and how we as Christians and believers of the God's word to care and provide for the poor and suppressed can help change lives. 

Help give opportunities for God's word to penetrate in your hearts and the hearts of others and provide support for the poor. 

Contact us for more information.






Clean water is something we take for granted every day. Imagine living in extreme hot temperatures and the only water you can find is in a contaminated river. 

Simple chores such as washing clothes or taking a bath becomes a struggle and a challenge. 

We can help provide clean water with partnering up with organizations that travel the world drilling wells. 

There are several organizations in Haiti that have access to these drills but lack the funds to continue drilling. 


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