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Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

No education, No jobs, No opportunities, No Government Assistance, NO HELP!

Families usually consist two parents and 5 to 7 children. In a lot of cases the parent is widowed or abandoned and left to support the children on their own. The Haitians live in a country with a corrupt Government and just LIVE TO EXIST. They have no opportunities for education, jobs, or advancement. They live each day suffering to find food and clean water. They live in communities with no plumbing so their waste is discarded in the same areas they live. Their homes are made from debris with dirt floors and are smaller than our one car garages. These homes are mostly rented to these families who not only have to worry about eating, but they continue to struggle with paying their rent so their family is not kicked out and left on the street. They walk long distances just to find food and water and small children wonder the streets alone. The Caribbean Beaches that were once beautiful are polluted with sewage and trash. They lack knowledge of disease and sanitary health. In most areas of the country there is no trash pick up, no plumbing, no public sewers or septic, very few wells for clean water, and polluted water.

The lack of resources leave them washing their clothes, bathing, and sometimes drinking the polluted water from the streams. This is the same water that vehicles drive through and animals drink and urinate in. 

Few families are privileged enough to have farms but the lack of rain and the poor soil only produces small portions of crops during the year. These families still struggle to eat. Families that live outside the small communities have to walk miles each day for food and water. 

The roads to the desolate areas of the country are so poor and undeveloped, to travel from Port Au Prince to St. Louis Du Nord (approx. 115 miles) is a 4-6 hour drive depending on what part of the day you travel.

There is no healthcare system. If they become ill or need medical attention, they are unable to go to hospitals or clinics because of the lack of money. Many Haitians become ill from contaminated food. The food that is bought in the markets are exposed to flies, parasites, extreme temperatures, and disease. 


The average income for one parent is less than $2.00. The cost of a plate of food that would consist of rice, beans, chicken or goat, and a few vegetables cost around $2.50 if bought in the market. 80% of the food in Haiti is imported from other countries. These imported foods cost the Haitians close to what we Americans pay at our local grocery stores. How does one survive with these prices and $2.00 a day income?

Very few children have the opportunity to attend school. This is due to the fact that 85% of the schools are private schools. These private schools cost an average of $250-$350 a year for one student. There are mandatory uniforms that the children must pay for and wear along with needed school supplies. 

Babies and children are abandoned by their parents because they are unable to provide for them. They are left at the door steps of mission and orphanages hoping for a better life for their child and a chance to survive. The orphanages are packed with abandoned children. Some orphanages have been forced to close due to the lack of support from sponsors in other countries due to our poor economy. So what happens to these children?

If there was a way to provide education, knowledge, jobs, trades, skills, clean water, irrigation, sufficient plumbing, money management, family planning, discipleship, and unity...in other words "SELF HELP"...we could help save lives and give HOPE! We could change the dependency on sponsorship and handouts. We could change the dependency on missions and organizations. We could change a few lives at a time! This is our MISSION!

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