A Poem from my Mommy.....

I am a mother

I love my children more than any other

I set a home and pray for them

No harm comes to them

I do routines day after day

The same routine every day

My child comes to me and says she wants more

I say what for

She wants to leave the United States

Her Lord has called her to help in another place

I fear for her and worry

But she has courage

She says I'm going to Haiti to help the people there

I say stay home and beware

She goes and loves it there

All my fears have gotten me nowhere

Now she comes home with all these stories

I'm ashamed of all these worries

The Lord was with her

As He is with all He protects

And guides them thru it all

Now I'm in "awe"

Her depression for these people came home with her

Now I am consumed to help these people with her

It all has to be for something

People that need so many things

So what can I do

Ask the Lord to guide us to pursue

For the people of Haiti

I pray to our Lord

To say not maybe

But please help us save Haiti

© 2012 by Rains of HOPE

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