A Brighter Future Project 

We are assisting high school graduates in finding scholarship programs

The few kids that complete school and graduate have very little opportunity to go to college.

Our plans are to assist these graduates in applying for International Scholarship Programs. The programs that offer 100% tuition, living expenses, and room/board are very competitive. We want to help them study for their TOEFL test and prepare them for their essay.

Concord University offers International Programs but the cost for the first year is $15,292. After the first year of ESL classes, they can qualify up to a 99% Scholarship. They are also given the opportunity to work on campus to cover their living expenses and room/board.

** Our goal is to raise money to cover the cost of this first year for qualified students who do not get accepted into the SEED program or at least get them into a College in Haiti. 

The SEED Scholarship Program is a full scholarship for Haitian graduates that meet specific criteria. Within this program they are able to travel to the states for their education and return back to Haiti in hopes to help their people. This program is designed to teach them and prepare them in ways that they can give back to their community.  

With time and effort, these kids will be able to further their education.

Trying to find scholarship programs for internation studends has not been easy. There are few programs for these students due to the lack of government support and resources. The few scholarship programs we have found are with USAID (which is a very competitive program) and Concord University. We are still and will continue to  research different scholarship and grant programs for these graduates.

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