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Children in Haiti are so eager to go to school and get an education but they are given no opportunities. They wander the streets searching for food and water. Their dreams and prayers are so small compared to our dreams of success and happiness here in the states. Their humble prayers of eating and getting an education are lifted up to God everyday. Help us answer the prayers of these children.

Work for God today! 

Bring joy and answered prayers to one of these children.

We live in a country full of prosperity and riches, lets come together and use the resources God has given us today to glorify Him! Allow God to move in heart and soften your heart for these beautiful children. 

We are in need of volunteers and support. Our prayers are to help provide these Haitians with "Self Help" through education and knowledge so they can in return help others in their local villages. Our mission is to give these Haitians financial stability by teaching them skills, trades, business ethics, and money management. Our goal is to help them be independent; not dependent on handouts. We are helping them to establish their own opportunities in a lost country.

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